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    Keratitis is definitely an inflamation related lesion of the cornea containing numerous mechanisms and causes of advancement. Illnesses provoke clouding of your cornea, which results in a substantial decline in sight. A concomitant clinical photo manifests alone: , discomfort of a unfamiliar physique in the vision, slicing aches, increased sensitivity from the cornea.photophobia and lacrimation Therapy – treatment and microsurgical (if corneal ulceration is found).

    Common specifics of the disease

    Inflamed illnesses in the eye are the most frequent in ophthalmic exercise. Conjunctivitis is most often demonstrated – about 70Percent of instances of the total mass of eye pathologies. Keratitis occurs no more often than 5Percent of affected individuals.

    The device of development of the condition is closely related to the structural features of the conjunctival cavity. Microflora is continually within it, which, even with the least distressing trouble for the cornea, provokes its irritation. In order to restore the optical properties, in most cases, against the background of keratitis, vision is sharply reduced; for correction, it is necessary to use microsurgical techniques.

    In ophthalmic superficial, deep and practice keratitis are notable. In the first scenario, the ailment is a results of inflamed pathologies. With superficial skin lesions, you will find no cicatricial adjustments, the cornea fails to develop gloomy.

    Depending on the nature of the pathology according to the classification, keratitis are:

    viral and bacterial;


    ulcerative and non-ulcerative;


    periodic keratoconjunctivitis;


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