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    A room a bit clouded with tobacco smoke, a table all around which sits a variety of elegantly outfitted people focused on the video game, as well as a croupier – practicallyprofessional and invisible, inside a white-colored tshirt, vest and bow tie. He facilitates the casino consumers, manages the games, describes the principles … This image of the casino along with the career is normally presented in books and films. This picture is not always close to reality, as you might guess. So what does working in a casino look like? Precisely what does a dealer do and that can come to be one? Just how much is it possible to gain in this place?

    Who is the stickman?

    It ought to be confessed that, despite the disparity between stories and reality, what the dealer does in fact corresponds to the display from the film as well as the reserve – he releases game titles by which casino customers get involved, plus screens the corporation along with their proper training course. The dealer may also behave as an inspector. Just what does it mean? In such a situation, it tracks the behaviour of company and identifies possible scams. In addition, he investigations and tracks the project of the croupier that is enjoying the game at the moment.

    Therefore, also to ensure the correct behavior of clients, although it seems obvious that the person taking this position must know the rules of the game – this is necessary not only in their implementation. We don’t have to worry if we don’t know everything if we’re just applying for this job. Gambling houses normally coordinate correct courses right after employing to prepare long term staff for this particular.

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